3rd & 4th gr VB, fill out this form if you are interested in participating...https://bit.ly/DESHLER34VB. 5th & 6th gr VB: Please review the letter here AND fill out the Google Form linked within the letter...https://bit.ly/DESHLER56VB. Registration due 8/27 for gr 3-6!
9 months ago, Dana Epley
Come pick up your 2021 yearbook at Open House & purchase a 2022 at a discounted price!
9 months ago, Dragon Yearbook
One week from today, it's kickball in the park for the Deshler FCA students (or any HS student interested in joining). Those attending are asked to bring one bag of hamburger buns (the LN chapter will be providing chips). The sloppy joe and brownies will be provided.
9 months ago, Dana Epley
The Thayer Co. Economic Development Alliance is working with local schools to form school/business partnerships. If you are an individual/business owner interested in sharing your business with students, please complete the form linked here: https://bit.ly/dpsmentorships.
9 months ago, Dana Epley
Cow pie bingo Thursday night - only 49 spots left! Don’t miss your chance - stop by Midwest Bank today or the Farm Bureau booth tonight at the Activity Center to purchase a spot! Deshler FFA thanks you all for the amazing support!
9 months ago, Damon McDonald
ATTN: JR/SR STUDENT ATHLETES...Sports poster pictures will be taken on the night of Open House (8/17) by Blue Skies Photography from 6-7 PM. You will need ALL JERSEYS/UNIFORMS for the YEAR for pictures on this night! This means some of you will have multiple pictures taken!
9 months ago, Dana Epley
picture time
7-12 Students! Remind your parents to complete Enrollment forms for the 2021-2022 School year! 7-12 Students with all forms completed get to take their computer home from the Open House!
9 months ago, Sarah Baden
Nebraska Ortho will begin their sports-related visits to Deshler on MONDAYS (starting 8/16/21) & Saturday clinics on 8/21/21.
9 months ago, Dana Epley
nebraska ortho
Scan the code and follow us online on all of our social media channels! If you haven't downloaded the app Deshler Public Schools from the App Store, do it today & turn the notifications in your settings to ON to receive updates.
9 months ago, Dana Epley
qr code
Deshler volleyball apparel is here! Click on the link provided to buy some gear for the upcoming season. http://shop.hebronsportshack.com/2021deshlervolleyball/shop/home
9 months ago, Audrey Parks
ACT TESTING. All jrs will take the ACT test in the Spring of 2022 & will be registered through the school. Students can take the 9/11 ACT on their own to raise their score or "superscore" for college/scholarships. If you choose to take it, TODAY is the deadline: act.org
9 months ago, Dana Epley
From DPS: Save the Date! Open House: August 17th, 5 to 7
9 months ago, Sarah Baden
Open House August 17th 5 to 7
Welcome back! We are looking forward to seeing all of our PreK-HS students & families at our open house on Aug 17th, 5 - 7 PM. Burgers & brats will be served. Please sign your paperwork DIGITALLY via the email you received from the school: https://bit.ly/DPSOPENHOUSE.
9 months ago, Dana Epley
welcome back
Congratulations to our students who completed driver's education classes! Your permit waiver is in the office for you to pick up so that you can apply for your permit online!
9 months ago, Dana Epley
drivers education
Please join us for the Preschool Open House! We hope to see you there!
9 months ago, Tammi Brenn
Preschool Open House
Deshler FCA taking on Lawrence/Nelson FCA in dodgeball & hosting a meal on Sat., Aug. 21st at 5 PM at the Deshler softball field. Any HS student interested in joining FCA is encouraged to join FCA at our open house on Aug. 17th & attend this event (please bring 1 bag of chips)!
9 months ago, Dana Epley
fca kickball
Happening Tomorrow!!! Please share if you know anyone needing to register for the upcoming school year!
10 months ago, Sarah Baden
New student registration August 5th 8 to 4:30
REMINDER: Thayer County Thunder Football practice STARTS TONIGHT IN DESHLER from 5:45 - 7:30 PM. Contact Jason Degenhardt for additional information: jdegenhardt@nordersupply.com. Practice will be held on the night of the open house, August 17th.
10 months ago, Dana Epley
The deadline to take the Sept 11th ACT test is Aug 6th at an off-site testing center. It is the responsibility of the student to register! You can register at https://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act/registration.html.
10 months ago, Dana Epley
ACT test
Get your FFA cow pie bingo ticket today from Midwest Bank for the COW PIE BINGO on Thu., Aug. 12th at the Thayer County Fair...starting at 7 PM! You can also join as an FFA Alumni member ($30/person or $50/couple).
10 months ago, Dana Epley
cow pie bingo