Time to dig ourselves out! No School Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 26, 2021! Stay safe everyone! Thank you - Dr. McDonald
about 16 hours ago, Damon McDonald
Deshler Public Schools will be closed on Monday, January 25, 2021. A large winter weather system is moving into the area overnight. Stay safe everyone!!! Dr. McDonald
1 day ago, Damon McDonald
BBB Final Score: Deshler 73 - Harvard 24 #deshlerdragons #nebpreps
3 days ago, Michelle Dubbert
GBB Final Score: Deshler 49 - Harvard 34 #deshlerdragons #nebpreps
4 days ago, Michelle Dubbert
We are loving our new app! Stay updated with access to documents, events, news from administrators, student stories, and even emergency notifications. You can download the app for free on both Google Play or the Apple App Store. Download for Android: https://bit.ly/34n7DaU Download for iPhone: https://apple.co/3l8NVGU
4 days ago, Sarah Baden
Sophomores learned about epithets in Greek mythology and then collaborated together to create an epithet for a classmate.
5 days ago, Audrey Parks
Epithet Activity
Today's JH Boy's Bball game with Thayer Central has been postponed.
5 days ago, Damon McDonald
We ❤️ Public Schools! @NElovesPS #ilovepublicschools
6 days ago, Michelle Dubbert
GBB Final Score: Lawrence Nelson 41 - Deshler 40 #deshlerdragons #nebpreps
6 days ago, Michelle Dubbert
The 2nd graders are learning about different cultures around the world. Today they read a story about a girl who moved to Japan. Our class practiced writing words in the Japanese language.
8 days ago, Mikayla Meyer
Boone and clate
Deshler Public Schools is accepting applications for Para Substitutes. The application can be found here: https://www.deshlerpublicschools.org/page/application-classified
8 days ago, Sarah Baden
BBB Final Score from Overtime: Deshler 53 - McCool Junction 50 #deshlerdragons #nebpreps
10 days ago, Andy Brenn
BBB Halftime Score: Deshler 21 - McCool Junction 15 #deshlerdragons #nebpreps
10 days ago, Andy Brenn
GBB Final Score: McCool Junction 52 - Deshler 27 #deshlerdragons #nebpreps
11 days ago, Andy Brenn
Chemistry students started making a sourdough starter yeast culture while studying chemical reactions.
11 days ago, Patrick Mumm
Students working.
Students working.
The sophomores were to create a symbol and write a monologue for a specific god or goddess in English class. These are just some of the symbols that were created; the students did a great job at being creative for this project!
11 days ago, Audrey Parks
Symbol Project
Symbol Project
Elementary Students are studying Second Step curriculum. Students learn about problem solving, empathy, and emotion management. The curriculum includes video clips, puppets, songs, games and scenarios to teach the content; formats depend on grade level of the students.
11 days ago, Mrs. Unruh
Mrs. Hansen's math students collaboratively work to determine trigonometric relationships.
11 days ago, Colleen Hansen
2021-2022 School Calendar
12 days ago, Sarah Baden
2021 2022 deshler public schools school calendar
Eighth-grade students in Industrial Tech are learning the basic commands to run AutoCAD.
13 days ago, Ron Rickstrew
Eighth-grade student in Industry Tech are learning the basic commands to run AutoCAD.