Every Tuesday Mrs. Kane leads us in Guidance. We learn how to manage our feelings, best ways to calm down and how to play with others. Some days we even get to play a game! The morning class enjoyed a game of "In the river, on the bank". This is a game that enhances our listening skills. Thank you, Mrs. Kane!
18 days ago, Tammi Brenn
guidance 1
guidance 2
The soon to be Kindergartners enjoyed another visit with the current Kindergarten class. The morning preschool class was able to work with others to complete a letter search around the classroom. The afternoon preschool class joined in on a music class. A fun time was had by all!
18 days ago, Tammi Brenn
am kinder
pm kinder
Life 101 Day was a huge hit thanks to our 16 awesome presenters! From healthy eating and lifestyles to a healthy credit score, car basics, understanding insurance, college admissions, and more, we appreciate everyone who helped to make this day possible!
18 days ago, Dana Epley
drunk goggles
Seniors are learning microwave safety with the Thayer Co Extension Office as well as preparing an entire meal including meatloaf, potatoes and a mug cake today to kick off Life 101. Have them fix a meal for you — no excuses now!
18 days ago, Dana Epley
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Reminder: Thursday, April 28th, is the final day of Elementary ASP for the 2021-2022 school year.
19 days ago, Amber Deepe
HAPPY ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS' DAY! Sarah Baden, Marla Finke, and Julie Hoffmeyer are the administrative assistants at DPS, and we are thankful for all that they do for our staff and students day in & day out. Thank you!
19 days ago, Dana Epley
Today Jessica, from Little Blue Natural Resources District visited the afternoon preschool class. Her presentation was about trees and why they are good for the Earth. We learned that the General Sherman Tree is the world's largest tree, measured by volume. It stand 275 feet tall and is over 36 feet in diameter at the base. You can find the General Sherman Tree in Three Rivers, CA.
20 days ago, Tammi Brenn
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General Sherman
We recently completed a sink or float experiment. The students were given an egg and then had the opportunity to pick a small item to put in their egg. They had many items to choose from such as: a key, penny, rock, pom-pom, plastic button, etc. They put the egg in the water to see if it would sink or float. When they made the discovery that it would float, they were able to take their item out of the egg and hypothesize if the item would sink or float.
20 days ago, Tammi Brenn
am float
pm float
The 5th graders enjoyed a trip to the Edgerton Science Center today!
20 days ago, Michelle Dubbert
Seniors Jayden Isernhagen, Chloe Mosier & Makinna Peterson were recognized at the TVC meeting for having ACT scores of 26 or higher. Each student will receive a TVC certificate with Jayden also receiving a $100 scholarship for having the highest ACT score in the class.
20 days ago, Dana Epley
The JH track meet for today at Wilcox-Hildreth starts at 1 PM instead of 2 PM. Please spread the word to those who may be attending! Also, don't forget to sign up your incoming 8th - 12th grade student for their sports physical on May 19/20: https://bit.ly/DPSDAILYNEWS
20 days ago, Dana Epley
time change
Last day for HUA donations is May 28th. Sixth grade is going on their field trip on Friday to deliver the donations! Thank you for all of the donations!
21 days ago, Heidi Wachtel
What’s the scoop with Root Beer floats? The 2nd graders ended their science unit by creating a snack with all 3 states of matter.
21 days ago, Mikayla Meyer
Alex is a guy with a smile on his face...and normally food to share in his hand! From the Ramen Noodle Challenge to everyday cooking, he aspires to be a chef after being in the National Guard. Good luck to you, Alex, you will make a fabulous restaurant owner someday!
21 days ago, Dana Epley
20 DAYS LEFT...Attached is the HS Track Mt Schedule for Mon; Life 101 Day schedule for Thu; TVC Track Mt Info for Sat. Changes to next year's 7-12 schedule should be updated NOW (incoming 7-12 schedules sent home on Fri). https://bit.ly/DPSDAILYNEWS.
22 days ago, Dana Epley
McCool Track Meet
Life 101
TVC Meet
Don't forget to turn in your Deshler Softball/Baseball order forms by TOMORROW: Mon., Apr. 25th. You can turn them into the DLS or DPS school offices or Midwest Bank. Make your checks payable to the Deshler Rec Board. GO DRAGONS!
22 days ago, Dana Epley
The TVC JH & HS Track Meet will be held in Deshler next Sat, April 30th. FCA is in charge of the concession stand (working or donating food) and a food truck & elephant ears will be at the meet. JH has running events in the AM & HS has field events.
23 days ago, Dana Epley
FCA Workers
It was a smokin’ hot show (quite literally!) at DPS as the musical crew put on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat! They will be performing it again tonight at 7 pm and tomorrow at 2 pm. You don’t want to miss it! Great job, Dragons!
23 days ago, Dana Epley
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This group of young men scored a whopping 141 points at yesterday’s meet to take home first place in their own JH Invite. Way to go, Dragons! Their next meet is Tue, 4/26, at Wilcox Hildreth. #greatdaytobeadragon
24 days ago, Dana Epley
On May 17th we will celebrate our students who reach their Spring MAPS goals! We have the goals posted and are anxiously awaiting the tests to show our growth!
24 days ago, Dana Epley