Human Services

Human Services and Education Pathway

Government and Public Administration, along with Human Services, Education and Training, and Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security all fall under the Human Services and Education career pathway field.

The Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security coursework can be taken online, and we have had students take the Intro to Criminal Justice course offered through SCC.  Additionally, we have had a student work with a local attorney to come up with a learning plan and hands-on experience in the field. 

In terms of public safety, another goal of DPS this year is to have all of our high school students certified in CPR, First Aid, and FAST (First Aid for Severe Trauma).  Nurse Hailey Gehle is working to become an American Red Cross certified instructor who will be able to provide students with this certification.  The FAST certification will be covered by a grant that we have applied for, and all other costs associated with certification for employability purposes, etc., will be the student’s responsibility, but it will be at a very reduced cost in comparison to earning the certification on their own (at only $5!).

Many of these fields are also covered in dual credit classes which can be taken on site at DPS.  Listed above are courses that are either offered in person, or online, while our students are juniors and seniors in high school.  It is important to take high school classes building up to these to have a strong foundation and understanding in the chosen interest area.

Government and Public Education preparatory coursework in many high school classes include:

Most of the classes that students take on-site in the Human Services and Education field fall under education.  We are fortunate to have staff members on site who are able to teach classes in the education field for dual credit, including EDU 1110:  Intro to Professional Education and EDUC 2590:  Instructional Technology, both taught by Mrs. Degenhardt.  PSYC 1810:  Intro to Psychology and EDUC 2300:  Intro to Special Education, can both be taken online to fulfill 12 dual credit requirements prior to entering the education field in a post-secondary setting.

Do you have questions on the Human Sciences and Education field?  If so, contact your high school counselor, Joan Unruh, at or secondary principal, Dana Epley, at  GO DRAGONS!