Marketing v Business Management

The Business Marketing and Management field covers many areas, from:

  • Marketing

  • Hospitality and Tourism

  • Business Management and Administration, and 

  • Finance careers.

Students at DPS have the opportunity to take several dual credit classes in these fields while still in high school after building a strong foundation in several of our high school courses taught by Mr. Cletus Corman.  Some of those classes include:

  • Junior High Intro Courses all students will take:  Keyboarding/Info Tech

  • CTE Intro Courses:  Intro to Business, Personal Finance, Business Math

  • CTE Intermediate Courses:  Digital Design, Accounting I

  • CTE Capstone/Advanced Courses:  Advanced Accounting.

Deshler Public Schools partners with Southeast Community College, who has the 2+2 Program with several colleges in Nebraska, including:

  • University of Nebraska–Lincoln

  • University of Nebraska at Omaha

  • Nebraska Wesleyan University

  • Doane University-Lincoln

  • Peru State College

  • Bellevue University

Through this program, students can earn their Associate of Arts degree in Business from SCC on a very affordable path to transferring to a four-year university or college by helping students to learn basic business skills in accounting and economics. 

Through this partnership, many of our students are taking advantage of taking classes to not only meet their general education requirements through SCC, such as:

General Education Requirements

One class from each GELO below

GELO #1: Speech Communication Credits: 3

GELO #2: Written Communication Credits: 3

GELO #3: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Credits: 3

GELO #5: Analytical, Quantitative and Scientific Reasoning Credits: 3

GELO #6: Career and Life Skills Credits: 3

Total: 15 hours

Business Core:  All Business Assoc of Applied Science are required to take 

ACFS 1015 Success@SCC in their first semester of the program.

Total: 28 hours

 Taking care of several of these courses in college, at half price tuition through SCC (approximately $60 per credit hour, most are 3-credit hour classes), means a much lower financial burden as students earn their Associate’s Degree or move on to earn their Bachelor’s Degree.

If you have questions on dual credit in the Business Marketing and Management field at DPS, please contact Secondary Principal Dana Epley at