Healthcare Pathway Program

Deshler Public Schools has been meeting and working with Southeast Community College this school year to develop dual credit programs in the high school settings.  This fall, Thayer County students will have the opportunity to take the certified nursing assistant program at the Hebron Learning Center from 1 - 3 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, as a point for Bruning Davenport, Hebron and Deshler schools to all come together and meet the minimum enrollment requirements for the CNA course (eight must be enrolled to offer the course).  

This is a great opportunity that several of our students have already signed up for and are taking advantage of -- whether they are interested in the healthcare pathway, or just interested in employment with one of our local nursing home facilities.  In addition to this course, students will be able to test their skills and get hands-on experience in patient care.

General education credits continue to be met on site, such as:

  • ENGL 1110:  English Composition I
  • ENGL 1020:  English Composition II
  • MATH 1150:  College Algebra 
  • MATH 2170:  College Stats, and 
  • HIST 2010/2020:  American History (new courses being taught for dual credit to our juniors this year with Ms. Jay).

Students can also take courses such as Intro to Psychology, Sociology, or Public Speaking with an onsite proctor that transfer into many different pathways.  We also have several students who have signed up for healthcare courses in the first and second semester specific to their interest area, such as:

  • HLTH 1011:  Intro to Nursing
  • FSDT 1350:  Basic Nutrition
  • HLTH 1026:  Comprehensive Med Terms and
  • PSYC 2960:  Life Span Human Development

Southeast Community College has a newly developed LPN program, wherein students can take half of the program while still in high school and take just one more year of classes and clinicals at SCC to earn their LPN license, illustrated below.  Thank you to those who sponsor scholarships to make this opportunity possible for our students, including:

  • Reinkes Manufacturing Co., Inc., and the
  • Norman and Rosella Lunzmann Memorial Scholarship.

If you are interested in learning more about our healthcare pathway opportunities, from enrolling in the CNA course to sponsoring a scholarship for our students, please reach out to Dana Epley, Secondary Principal, at or by calling 402-365-7272.

We will be featuring each of our pathways throughout the summer, and are interested in learning more about businesses/individuals who would be interested in providing mentorship or internship opportunities for our students as well.  GO DRAGONS!