Andrea Jay

Ms. Andrea Jay will be coming to us from Alliance High School.  Ms. Jay has 25 years of experience teaching, including subbing for two years in Lincoln and Malcolm after her college graduation.  She then went to Mullen, NE, where she taught integrated studies, speech, theatre, and social studies.  After teaching in Mullen for 16 years, she took a year off of teaching before heading to Alliance to teach US History, as well as Research, American West, and Sports History for the last five years. 

Ms. Jay graduated from Lincoln Northeast High School, went on to earn her Bachelor of Arts in Education from UNK with endorsements in History, Theatre and Speech, and then a Masters of Science in Social Studies Curriculum from Wayne State College.  With her Masters in Social Studies, Ms. Jay has been approved to teach HIST 2010:  American History through Central Community College, so that our juniors have the option of taking this class for dual credit!  Side note:  This is a great opportunity for our students to meet their ACE 5 requirements for Nebraska universities (equivalent to HIST 110:  America to 1877)!

Ms. Jay's mother Harriett retired from Lincoln Public Schools in 2015. Her brother Neil is a reading teacher at Mickle Middle School in Lincoln, and her sister Autumn is a nurse at Bryan Hospital in Lincoln. Ms. Jay comes from a family of educators with her mom, dad, aunts, uncles, and cousins, all being educators from the preschool setting to the collegiate level.

Ms. Jay loves to travel. She has been to 47 of the 50 states, and her goal is to hit all 50 before she turns 50 years old!  Some of her favorites include Florida and North Carolina for the beaches, and Washington, D.C. for the museums and hockey. 

Speaking of hockey, this is another thing she likes to do in her free time:  watch hockey, especially in person!  Her favorite team is the Washington Capitals...which brings me to her second goal:  attending a game at every NHL arena. To date, she has been to 10 of the 32 arenas so far. When she isn't traveling or watching hockey, Ms. Jay loves to read and watch true crime shows.

When asked why she chose DPS, Ms. Jay stated, "I am excited to teach a different variety of classes and grade levels again. I also look forward to parental and community involvement in the students' academic educations." 

Ms. Jay and Ms. Brinegar will be our one act sponsors this fall as well.  Mrs. Pohlmann and Mrs. McPherson have decided they want to turn over the reins of this duty to new staff members, but we are certain they are in good hands with continued guidance from Mrs. Pohlmann and Mrs. McPherson.

Help me to give a warm welcome to Ms. Jay (who is still looking for a place to live in Deshler!), as well as a big THANK YOU to Mrs. Maschmann, who is looking forward to retirement and being a full time farm hand!