Although we may have only brought home two medals, Deshler High School had 16 high school students place in the top 10 at ACTIONS Day at Hastings-CCC on March 16th!  ACTIONS Day is an academic competition held at Central Community College  wherein 527 students were competing from 22 different schools in 40 different academic competitions.

Congratulations to the following Dragons who placed in the top 10 on this date:

  • 2nd:  Jordan LeFave in English 1
  • 4th:  Jayden Isernhagen in Algebra 2
  • 6th:  Makinna Peterson in General Math & Mira Eschliman in Zoology
  • 7th:  Chloe Mosier in Music, Kasey Collins in Nickname, & Danica Buckles in Spelling
  • 8th:  Gracie Miller in Drama & Psychology, Gavin Nash in Sports, & Holden McDonald in World Geography
  • 9th:  Brooke Sasse in Geometry & Word Problems, Kylie Kirkland in Nicknames
  • 10th:  Taylor Sieber in Anatomy & Trinity Hayes in Psychology