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February Newsletter

February News

from The Guidance Office

Looking ahead to March, it appears to be another busy month.

7th and 8th Grade Campus Tour  (3/15/22)

    The 7th and 8th grade classes will be making a college visit on Tuesday, March 15 at both the Central Community College, Hastings Campus and at Hastings College.  This day will show the students a variety of career training programs at CCC in the morning.  Then in the afternoon we will tour at Hastings College and get an idea of what a private college can offer to students.  We will leave school at 8:00 and will return at about 3:30.  Students will need to bring $10 for a college cafeteria lunch or request a sack lunch from DPS (tell Mrs. Unruh if interested in the school sack lunch.) 

ACTIONS Day Academic Competition  (3/16/22)

     ACTIONS Day is a time when students take academic tests in a variety of subjects and compete against about 800 students from the area for trophies and the honor of placing.  DPS plans to send 35 students for this competition. We need to get the bus rolling by 7:00 a.m., so students need to be boarding the bus by 6:55 a.m.   We will return by the end of the school day.  DPS will provide lunch for each of the students.  Congratulations students on being chosen to represent DPS!

ACT Test for All Juniors (3/22/22)

     The college entrance test known as the ACT will be administered to all current juniors on March 22, 2022.  The juniors have been preparing for this test through their coursework, plus the addition of John Baylor’s test preparation program called, “On To College.”

Parent Permission Form  

     Students are able to submit their scores to 4 colleges if they have turned the Parent Permission Form into the guidance office.  If you have not seen that form yet, please speak with your junior son or daughter.  A replacement form can be found in the guidance office. 

No Cost to Juniors at this Administration

     The State of Nebraska Department of Education provides this test at no charge to students; the value of the test, including a writing test, is $88 per student.  We encourage the students to take this test seriously and attempt their best performance.  

Qualifying Test Scores for College English and College Math Classes

     When the results come back, students learn if they qualify for the College English Composition class and several possible College Math classes.  The community colleges, SCC and CCC offer these classes to us, but students must meet a qualifying score (Dual Credit classes).  


   A student may be interested in taking the College English or Math and miss the qualifying score.  If that should happen, we do have another avenue to pursue.  Students can go to the Learning Center to take the ACCUPLACER Test.  Still, a qualifying score on this test must be met in order to get enrolled in the college English or Math class.

Opportunities for Youth: Pick up info in Guidance Office

Leadership Weekend with the Rotary April 1-3

Who: Sophomores and Juniors

What:  Leadership RYLA weekend 

When:  April 1-3 is the Camp

Where:  Camp Kitaki    

Deadline to Apply:  March 10, 2022

Adventure Camp about the Environment

Who:  current 6 – 8th grade students

What:  4 days of exploring and learning about Natural Resources

When:  June 26– 29

Where:  4-H Camp at Halsey, Nebraska

Cost:  $235   (contact the NRD for scholarship opportunities)

Deadline to Register:  June 10, 2022

UNL Business College – Discover Accounting

Who:  current juniors and seniors

What:  learn about business and accounting careers

When:  June  1-3

Where:  UNL Campus, plus business tours

Cost:  no charge

Deadline to Register:  April 8, 2022


Who:  Juniors who are First generation college students (parents have not graduated from college), or  Low Income or Underrepresented identity

What:  Business, leadership and networking

When:  July 17–20, 2022

Where:  UNL

Cost: no charge

Deadline:  April 8, 2022

Young Nebraska Scientists– Summer camps

Who:  Middle and high school students

What:  camp that focuses on Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math

Where:  At Campuses throughout the state

Applications close on May 1 (or when the camps fill).  

See what is offered at YNS.NEBRASKA.EDU