January Newsletter from the DPS Guidance Office

Joan Unruh, School Counselor

402-365-7272  ext. 121

Greetings from the Guidance Office; Here are a few items to note.

Registration Process Begins Soon

    Now is the time to begin creation of the DPS fall schedule. Your student (grades 6 -11) will be bringing home a course selection sheet for their grade level.  Please discuss options with your child; studies show that the parental influence is very important to youth. If you have any questions about the options, please give Mrs. Unruh a call. 

Freshman Enrollment Night is Friday, Feb, 11

     The current 8th graders are looking towards a big transition going into the freshman year.  The freshman year marks the beginning of earning credit in classes that “count” toward a high school diploma.  Students must satisfactorily pass classes in English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Electives to earn a Deshler Public School Diploma; other students who do not attain the total credits earn a “Certificate of Attendance.”

     I will be meeting with the freshman to teach them about high school requirements and I will show them how DPS credits lead to having the requirements met for college entrance also.  

     A special Future Freshman Orientation is planned for Friday, February 18 at 5:30 p.m.  Parents and students are encouraged to attend.  This meeting is right before the Deshler vs. L/N basketball game; so you can make a night of it!

College and Career Ready School / Career Fair on February 4

       DPS is striving toward goals of being a College and Career Ready school.  The goals of the program still use academic and technical skills as the foundation for each student’s success.  New building blocks also help the student learn more about career options, college offerings and employability skills.  

     College tours and workshops are part of that process.  Our sophomore and junior students and some seniors will be attending the SCC Opportunity Career Fair on February 4th in Hebron where SCC career programs will be showcased as well as contacts with local business leaders.  Students will be able to pick up materials and ask questions to help get a stronger idea of the career potential these opportunities offer.

Dual Credit

      Expect more offerings from the Dual Credit perspective next year.  Dual credit allows students to take classes at DPS that satisfy our high school credit requirements and earn college credit too.  Some course offerings are available at grades 9-12, with a heavier focus in the junior and senior years.

Cost of Dual Credit

      Families pay for the class tuition and the book, where applicable.  This year, senior math and English course expenses were purchased by the Deshler School District.  The Community Colleges give high school students a reduced rate for the tuition.  

Local Scholarships and State Scholarships

   Students may apply for a local scholarship to help pay for some college tuition in late summer.  

   On the state level, the ACE scholarship is also available to those who qualify for either the  free or reduced lunch program.  If you have a dual credit student in your household, and if you think you may qualify for the federal lunch program, it it to your advantage to complete the Lunch Program Application.  

What Should My Student Be Doing Now?

Link to EducationQuest with College Timeline   Follow this link for a checklist of Tasks

The above link has a list for each year of high school including tasks that should be completed by students to keep them up to date in the College and Career ready process. This is only one of many excellent resources offered by EducationQuest Foundation, a non-profit organization geared towards Nebraska youth to support their goals of learning about college and careers.

What Seniors Should Expect

Complete Scholarship Applications

     Looking ahead, seniors should be immersed now in completing their scholarship applications.  A service that DPS provides is postage paid for scholarship applications.  Students should note if their deadline is “Postmarked by” or if the deadline means the application should “physically be there” by that date.   Our mail leaves the building at noon; so it is the student's responsibility to give the envelope to the office by then or it will need to wait until the following day to be sent. Leave plenty of time for mail delivery; sending your application up to a week prior.

     There are hard copies of applications in the guidance office for you or your child to pick up and complete.  Or you can access the scholarship list at

Complete the FAFSA 

    If you have not done so already, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the foundation of college financial aid.  You can apply online or you may get free and trustworthy help from the EducationQuest Foundation.   Contact them here. 

 SAR  and Award Letters

     The SAR (Student Aid Report) will be emailed to you about 3 days after completing the FAFSA.  The report will also be sent to any colleges that you asked to receive the report.  With that information, the college will create an award letter for your son or daughter.  The awards may be accepted or rejected; and you may accept a few, all or none.  But this is the time for students to check their email and letters for notifications from the college.  Students need to make decisions regarding financial aid offers and communicate with the colleges.  You may ask them to extend a deadline if the decision of which school to attend is not finalized.  

     Colleges are willing to work with you, but you need to foster that open communication. 

Orientation Days and College Class Enrollment in Spring and Summer

    In later spring and early summer, the college will invite your students to attend an orientation day where many aspects of college are explored.  Students will also enroll for their college classes.  It will be helpful to have the college transcript to show what dual credits are already earned.  A free copy of your college transcript is available by ordering it online from the college, or the student may complete the transcript request form, available in the guidance office.  

   Please feel free to contact me about any questions or concerns. 

Joan Unruh 402-365-7272  ext. 121