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Handbook Changes

January 13, 2016

Dear Deshler Jr/Sr High School Parents and Guardians,

                Below you will find two changes to our current school handbook. The changes were approved by the Deshler Board of Education during the January board meeting.


                a. Ten Absence Rule (page 14)

  1.        b. Change - TEN ABSENCE RULE - Students may be absent from a class only ten times during a semester and still receive credit for the class.  ALL absences (Regular, Unexcused, Doctor, and Truant) are counted toward the ten (10) absences.  On the eleventh absence from a class, the administration will implement a plan for the student to make up class time and earn credit. If the student does not follow through with the proposed plan, the student will forfeit credit in that class.  If a student has a severe (doctor verified) illness or prolonged hospitalization, then this rule could be waived under those special conditions.


b. Study Center (page 22)

Homework and Use of Study Center (7-12)


Students that fail to complete a class assignment on time may be required to attend the after school study center that day in order to complete the assignment. The requirement will be dependent upon the reporting of the teacher. The student may leave the study center as soon as that assignment is completed or when the study center closes at 5:00 pm if the student is unable to finish in time. Students that have work obligations after school will need to fulfill their obligation before school or after school the following school day. Activities and athletics do not apply to possible postponement. Students who fail to show up at the study center will receive further disciplinary action at the principal’s discretion.



We changed the ten absence rule to provide a plan for students that reach 11 absences for any class. While we understand that attendance and achievement have a large correlation, we wanted to create a plan where students would still have the opportunity to earn credit. The thought is that students who lose all credit will become further discouraged and even less motivated. We want school to be a place where all students are challenged and valued.

                The second change is a policy that was created to address incomplete and late work. In addition to making the study center a requirement for students that struggle with homework completion, we have also had discussions as a staff about making sure that all assigned homework is meaningful. The discussions included the importance of holding students accountable and helping them to become more responsible. Responsibility and accountability are important college and career readiness skills. We understand that the human element and conversations are much more important than any consequence.

                Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions, concerns, or comments. We are looking forward to a great semester.

  • Josh Weber, DPS Secondary Principal, 402-365-7272

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